The first Bitcoin-backed Mortgage

allowing you to borrow more than your bitcoin holdings

buy a property without selling your bitcoins!
Traditional Mortgages
With most mortgages, you need to put down a deposit upfront for your property.
Bitcoin as collateral
Instead, we will require 75% of the principle amount you’d like to borrow in Bitcoin as collateral at the time the loan is opened.
How much can I borrow?
We offer a loan equal to 100% of the value of the real estate (LTV ratio = 100%). The property is also accepted as collateral like standard mortgages.
Regulatory Environment
Bhouse Financial Services LLP is incorporated in the UK (OC441824). We are in the process of applying to the FCA Regulatory Sandbox to test this innovative proposition. We will first address our product to sophisticated and high-net-worth investors according to the definition provided by the FCA handbook.

Registered Office: Shoreditch Exchange, Senna Building, Gorsuch Pl, London E2 8JF, United Kingdom.
What happens to my Bitcoin?
You will have the option to safely keep by store the Bitcoin in an insured cold storage custody or lend them to to generate interests on your Bitcoin.
What happens if the Bitcoin price fluctuates?
If the Bitcoin price increases and your holdings are greater than 150% of the LTV ratio, we will unlock the excess in Bitcoin or reduce your LTV ratio.

If the Bitcoin price decreases and the holdings reaches 35% of the LTV it will trigger a margin call. If this occurs you may add Bitcoin to your position. Your Bitcoin position will be liquidated if your holding reaches 20% of the LTV ratio, the terms of your mortgage will then change with a lower LTV ratio.
When will you return the Bitcoin?
At the termination of the loan unless your Bitcoin has been liquidated.
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Benefit from the potential price appreciation of both assets: Bitcoin and the Real Estate

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